1. Select Event

Select the desired section.

2. Select Seance

Select your desired of the venue. In order to make your provided a table showing available seats and price categories in each section. Also you can preview the venue seating plan and select your desired sector.

Click on the desired section of the seating plan which you'd like to view. Crowd will display a clickable plan featuring all seats (including those available, sold) in that section.

3. Select Seats

To reserve seats for purchase: Click green seats to reserve them, which changes their colour to a dark blue and designates that they're ready for you to purchase.

Click the Venue View plan in the top to change the section at the entire venue map.

4. Payment

Paying for your ticket (s) is so easy. You can pay by card online or by cash at a selected distributor.

When paying online, please have your payment details (credit or debit card) and personal information (name, phone number and email) ready and follow the simple instructions on Tikend.com.

5. Tickets

It's done ! You can download your ticket and print it out to bring with you or simply save it your mobile phone.